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Ink & graphic

"Connections" (2022) Charcoal. 3x(37x62,5cm)

Self portrait with a twist (2021). Graphic, A2

"Roots" (2020). Ink, Sold

"Circle of life" (2022). Ink and graphic. A4

Portrait. (2022) Charcoal on paper, A3

"Currents" (2022). Charcoal on paper, A2.

"Baby pose" (2022). Charcoal on paper, 40 x 46 cm

"Flesh" (2022).Charcoal on paper, A3

"Dismemberment I" (2021). Graphic on paper. A3.

"Dismemberment II" (2021) Graphic on paper. A3.

"Dismemberment III" (2021). Graphic on paper, A3.

"Old prayer for peace" (2019) Ink, A2.

"The forest is on fire" (2018). Framed 27x52cm

"The Walkers" (2018). Sold

"The Earth" (2018) Original sold. Prints available

"Woman of the forest" (2018). Original sold. Prints available

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